Dear Friends,

There is so much happening for all of us that brings with it, uncertainty, isolation and fear. We are in the midst of the pandemic, protests, and the social justice movement. We are living in unusual times. We have so many challenges, but this is a time where we can come together to promote change, both internally and externally.

New York Insight provides that opportunity. It has been my “home” for many years. I first began meditating here, then I volunteered as a practice leader, I went on to serve as an event manager, and now, I am a teacher and co-chair of the Teacher’s Council. This has been a place where I have found refuge and spiritual growth.

There are many on-going sanghas here, where people can talk about their practice and share their dharma experiences with others. I have found this to be an important part of my own practice. I’ve noticed how the intimacy between practitioners has grown over time. I also see how their practice has deepened.

This is an important part of our development. It is here that the support from teachers and sangha members make a big difference. We are not alone on our path. We are here for one another.

Although we are on-line now, New York Insight is still responsible for rent and other expenses. We want our sanghas, classes, and guest teachers to continue. We rely on your generosity. Be part of our community by joining our CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. Be part of supporting our community.

Amy Selzer